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Midge arrived at Tiny Hooves on April 10th, 2017. We were contacted about two months prior by a sweet, loving, and caring woman named Heather. Midge was born on Heather's father's small Angus beef production farm. She is a Lowline Angus Heifer. Midge is different than all the other cows there, though, as she just isn't growing. She carries the dwarfism gene. She was meant to be bred, yet the vet advised against it, as her size would make things dangerous. Because of this, since she cannot accomplish what she was meant for, she was scheduled to go to slaughter. Heather stepped in, already having taken in a few of the other cows in as pets to save their lives, and asked if she could find a loving home for Midge. She was given until May to find her a home. 

Every life of every animal is important. We may not be able to stop the mass production of meat and dairy, and the horrors of treatment that come with it, but we can help Midge, and Midge can help by educating our followers, members, friends, family, and volunteers by spreading the love that cows so willingly give, and sharing the message that she is worthy of love back. 

She is quite the character! She loves playing tag with horses Jackson and George, and will gallop to the fence-line for treats. Midge loves pumpkins, melons, rutabagas, bread, and just about anything edible!  Ever since the day that she allowed founder Beca to remove her ear tags, she has decided she is home. Now she enjoys back scratches and hugs. We are happy to have Midge in her forever home at Tiny Hooves!

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