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Finn was rescued in May 2017. He is a product of the goat breeding industry, bred to continue the sale and consumption of goats. Finn was meant to be raised for food. Due to an infection, his mother was not able to nurse him. He was being hand reared by his caretaker, and he would not take a bottle. Finn was tube-fed for the first few weeks of his life. The extent of this process was hurting his insides and not providing him with what he needed at this point in his life.  
His caretaker grew weary of caring for him with his special needs, and reached out for a new home. Another rescue contacted us asking if we would be interested, as they could not take him in at the time. We picked up Finn when he was Just 3 weeks old, and brought him home to Tiny Hooves Rescue. Finn lived in the house with founder Beca for almost 3 weeks, before he was strong and independent enough to join his new friend, Dani, our very special sheep lady. These two are a match made in heaven! We couldn't have asked for a more sweet and gentle soul for our timid little lamb to call family. You can often find them grazing together in their pasture, or chasing each other playing along the fenceline.  
Finn is a Boer breed goat, and if he grows to full size, he will be 200 pounds and have beautiful horns! He is safe at Tiny Hooves Farm, this will forever be his home. Cared for, and extremely loved, always.
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